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Pahela Money is a #Neobank which means a digital banking platform, that attempts to re-imagine the banking experience in emerging markets; currently live across the USA, Bangladesh & India.

The Pahela Money Virtual Cards, in partnership with our partner banks, is a digital virtual debit card that gives you the fastest way to pay anywhere, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

You can do everything from the forthcoming Pahela Money App, including remittance, p2p payments, fund transfers, bill payments, and more, with features to automate every action. You also get a Pahela Money Debit card, spends insights, and tools to grow your investment and earn rewards.

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Virtual Visa Debit Card

৳ 1,800.00

Visa Virtual Debit Card For Bangladeshi, Indian Citizens Across Bangladesh, India & The USA.

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Your online transactions are covered with your Pahela Virtual Debit Card.

Pahela Money’s Virtual Visa Debit Card is accepted globally anywhere Visa is accepted.

The Current Virtual Visa Card Costs BDT 1,800 or Rupees 1,600.

Pahela Money’s Virtual Debit Card is available for Bangladeshi & Indian Citizens in Bangladesh, India & the USA.

What You Can Do With Our Card : 

👾 Shop via your favorite e-commerce platforms.

👾 Pay your various bills: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Netflix, Spotify, And Million Other Sites & Apps.

👾 Enjoy redeemable coins to use in retails shops in Bangladesh, India & the USA.

Upcoming Features :

⭐ A web dashboard to maintain cards, pay for the card, top-up & check spending & reward history.

⭐ Mobile app.

⭐ Receive payment from the USA.

⭐ Monthly limits up to $1,000 per account holder.

⭐ Daily limits up to $500.

⭐ Pay for Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

⭐ Card Is accepted everywhere Visa accepted.

⭐ The USA verified Visa Card.

⭐ USA verified address & postcode.

⭐ Cash in by Payoneer.

⭐ Cash in happens instantly, currently may take up to 48 hours.

⭐ Earn for each $ spending & get redeemable points to spend in Bangladeshi, Indian & The USA merchants.

⭐ Refer & Get BDT 200 for each friend up to 20 friends.

⭐ 1st virtual card costs BDT 1,800.

⭐ There are no hidden fees, no monthly or yearly fees.

⭐ Cards are valid till 2024.

⭐ More.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ To top up, please contact us, you can currently top-up through Payoneer.


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